MetaTrader5 (MT5)

Following the huge success of the MT4, MetaQuotes have designed the successor of the mighty platform. Its sleek and upgraded interface provides an even more enhanced trading experience with lots more of additional features that give users an innovative and cutting-edge approach to trading.

Elevate your trading with MT5’s unique features:

  • Flexible Trading System: Hedging Option Available
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Additional Pending Order Types
  • Advanced Strategy Tester
  • Trading Tab for One-Click Trading
  • Trading Signals
  • Highlighted Entry/Exit Points
  • Multi-currency/language support


1. Download the platform and follow the few simple steps to complete the installation.
2. When installation is complete, launch the application.
3. Select 'File' from the menu, then 'Login' and enter the MetaTrader login details that were emailed to you to access your trading account.
4. Select which server you want from the drop-down menu.
5. Start Exploring MT5.

Once you have installed this application you may be asked to provide some personal information in order to proceed.

Trading Signals
These are price recommendations received from a third party. MT5 allows you to connect to any signal provider and copy their trades. Browse through a selection of traders and choose the one whose strategy suits you most and simply connect to his signal. All signal providers are carefully chosen and monitored ensuring that only experienced traders can become providers.

Trading with MT5?